Grief in the Workplace

Grief in the Workplace offerings include a wide array of services, including Crisis Response – Immediate Support; a Grief in the Workplace Company-wide Program; Keynotes, Presentations, Training and Brown-Bag Workshops for your team; and the Grief in the Workplace Management Handbook. Contact us to create a program that meets your workplace needs and for pricing information.

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Grief In The Workplace Management Handbook
The Grief in the Workplace handbook offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to support employees who have experienced a death or significant loss at work. By providing tools and practical advice that help manage expectations, this handy and comforting guide enables employees, Human Resources, and Employee Assistance Programs to embrace and address the loss effectively and compassionately.

Price per handbook:

Crisis Response – Immediate Support
Timely and effective comprehensive solutions for immediate workplace response following a significant loss. Support services available for the workgroup, management and Human Resource Specialists in conjunction with Employee Assistant Programs (if available). Services provided either onsite or via phone/video conference.

Grief in the Workplace Company-wide Program
A powerful and dynamic program that gives employers and co-workers deeper insights into the grief process in support of an employee’s death or significant loss to a co-worker. The program includes assessment of current programs and policies currently offered and provides management training focusing on educating employees on grief and how to support those who are grieving in the workplace. The key component of the program is the Checklist of Activities, an ideal feature to allow the employer to confirm necessary support activities have been accomplished.

Keynotes, Presentations, Training and Brown-Bag Workshops
As a manager in a Fortune 100 company when her husband suddenly passed away, Rachel provides a personal understanding to her audiences of how workplace behaviors can be helpful and hurtful at the same time. She has inspired thousands of people with her unique blend of facts and solutions. Her authentic, down to earth messages are sure to inspire audiences to address the workplace situation in a timely, realistic and compassionate manner. View samples.